Get Involved: Advocacy

AdvocacyCongratulations! By visiting this page, you are taking an important first step towards becoming an effective advocate for your credit union. The following resources will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement necessary to make your voice heard on the legislative and regulatory issues impacting your credit union. 

As highly regulated, not-for-profit financial institutions, advocacy is absolutely essential for credit unions. Consider that the bills of today may become the laws of tomorrow! If credit union professionals are not informed and actively engaged on key regulatory and legislative issues, the millions of Americans who depend upon us for financial services may suffer the consequences.

For the uninitiated, advocacy is a term that usually makes people a bit nervous. The reality is, most of us “advocate” every day when we voice our opinion with a co-worker, or speak up on an issue affecting our family or local community. Simply put, advocacy is about speaking up and representing your credit union and the members you serve. 

It is important to note that while it is essential that credit unions get “political”, this does mean “partisan”. Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all come together to speak up about the issues impacting our credit union. 

Once again, congratulations on taking this important first step in becoming an effective advocate for your credit union.

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