Young Professional Advisors

YP responsibilitiesThe YP Advisors are an entrepreneurial group of young credit union professionals helping catalyze change in the system and spark positive growth in our communities.  It is time to choose the next team of YP Advisors. So, please hurry!  Applications are being accepted until October 1st.  Following which, finalists will be scheduled for a FaceTime interview!!

The YP Advisors is an incubator designed to bring the brightest young minds in Cornerstone credit unions together around three goals:

  • Incite positive change for the future
  • Break down barriers to collaboration
  • Bring new perspective to the credit union system

The recipe for how you will spend your time breaks down like this:

  • Two parts project-focused working group
  • One part think tank for the credit union system
  • One part advisory group to the League

The Change-makers

YP Advisors are:

Not a “Fence Sitter”
A Little Crazy

Must be 40 years of age or younger to qualify

The Opportunities

Get your hands dirty implementing programs to engage and empower young credit union professionals!

Help shape the future league initiatives and events!

Help shape programs that will affect the credit union system!

Gain access to specific league training and networking opportunities!

The Commitment

If chosen to be a member of the YP Advisors, you’ll need to be available for:

  • At least 4 in-person workshops per year with travel (airfare/mileage) covered. All other expenses (hotel, food, gas, etc.) will be responsibility of the Credit Union
  • Commitment to execute MANY projects over the course of your term.
  • Ongoing phone and online conversations throughout your term.

Apply Today

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If you had unlimited resources, what one thing would you do to make credit unions more relevant?
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